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About eNidhi

Its always important to manage the transparency and authenticity in payment collection and receipt management as many times the payment is given in the form of cash. Also, at the end of the year or any specific time it becomes cumbersome to calculate the exact amount of payment received through cash and cheque. Log maintenance, proper receipt generation, avoiding illegal use of cash etc are some more concerns.

Looking at these requirements arising from various Business Sectors, NGOs and Charitable Organisations, Bharati Web developed a eReceipt Management System that will provide solution to all the issues that are faced by the payee and the payment receivers. Organisations now using eNidhi App, the eReceipt Management System developed by Bharati Web Pvt Ltd are at ease with cash-flow and fund management required for their organisations and all the payment entries are properly done to their accounts.

Online portal & Mobile app for receiving payments

Collect payment through cash/cheque/card/QR Code

Cash flow management

Verified eReceipt generation

Secured login

User management

User tracking & logs generation

Navigation based Access Management

Cash/Cheque Submission Report

Cash collection limit for individual user

Payment confirmation sent through text sms & email.

Centeralized Control

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